1. Alexandra Cotae Founder, President & CEO

Social entrepreneur and researcher, Alexandra Cotae is the founder and manager of Multicultural Business Institute and has been undertaking research activity within Delphy Institute for Human and Community Development, Multicultural Business Institute and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. As a social entrepreneur, between 2013-2018 […]

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2. Ioana-Alexandra Năstăsoiu – Multicultural Business Ambassador

Ioana-Alexandra Năstăsoiu is also Senior Researcher at Multicultural Business Institute, a Ph.D. student at the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca (field of Engineering and Management, with a program addressing female entrepreneurship from the multicultural point of view) and Attorney in Alba County Bar[…]

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3. Manuela Lupu Academic Department Manager

Ms. Lupu is among the first Romanian women specialized in Business ethics at academic level, through doctoral studies. Corporate Ethics Manager (specialized through a European Union Program).With 12 years of professional and academic experience,  Manuela Lupu has more professions: legal expert, manager, professor, scientist, ethicist […]

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4. Laura Pintilie Legal Department Adviser

Laura Pintilie is also Junior Researcher at Multicultural Business Institute (currently carrying out legal and technological research programs) and student at Faculty of Law (“Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca). The contact with the legal world made possible the encounter between Laura and technological law, which gave rise to […]

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5. Diana Georgeta Centea – Public Relations Officer

Diana Centea is also a Junior Researcher at Multicultural Business Institute and student at Faculty of Law (“Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca). With a diverse experience in multilateral activity fields – academic, artistic, professional, communitarian – Diana has constantly been actively involved in social life[…]

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6. Marcela Domide – Economic Department Manager

Marcela Domide is expert accountant, member of C.E.C.C.A.R. (Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania), with a 16-year old experience in the field , through high-school and university studies as well as work in private companies. She has a double specialisation, as a graduate the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and the Faculty of Law […]

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7. Ioana Bizău –  “Valori Românești” Project Manager

Ioana BizăuNothing is more important than when the focus on others’ lives is at the heart of a person’s life, so the representative quote of our author is the following: “The wisdom of life is simple: Make the place where you have gone better than before.”

Ioana Bizău, the author, whom we have the opportunity to present today, here, to Romanian society, is a simple, modest human […]

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8. Nadia FărcașPublishing & Copyright Specialist


Manager – Ecou Transilvan Publishing House 



9.Dinu Ureche-NiculaiPublishing & Copyright Specialist

Manager – Napoca Star Publishing & Printing House



10. Mircea PeteanPublishing & Copyright Specialist


Manager – Limes Publihing House



11. Lucian Andrei – Publishing & Copyright Specialist


Manager – Colorama (Publishing & Printing House) & Roxer Group SA (Premium Partner Xerox)


12. Simina Ilinca Popa – IT & Web Designer Officer

Simina Popa joined the IT & Web Design Department at the beginning of 2019. Specialized in economic and social fields (through studies and work) as well as in the technical field, Simina is also a social entrepreneur, founder and coordinator […]

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13. Diana Ursoi – Multicultural Ambassador

  • Senior Researcher la Multicultural business Institute
  • Specializată în Socio-Antropologie Culturală, prin programul masteral Societate, Artă, Identități în Europa Centrală”,  în cadrul Facultății de Istorie și Filosofie, Universitatea “Babeș-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca
  • Licențiată în istorie, în cadrul Facultății de Istorie și Filosofie, Universitatea “Babeș-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca
  • Specializată în Pedagogie gimnazială, în cadrul Facultății de Psihologie și Științele Educației […]

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14. Aurelian Burcu Marketing & Strategic Management Counselor. Organizational Engineer


  1. Scientific Research – 28 years
  2. Education, Coaching, Training: – 20 years                                                                          a) Academic education: Courses, seminars, writing curriculum and teaching and auxiliary activities […]

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There have also been with us, over time, the following colleagues:

  1. Tatiana Costaș – HR Manager
  2. Diana Teodora Cornea – Legal Department Manager
  3. Andreea Manuela Matei – Legal Department Manager
  4. Anca Sefora Șalariu – Legal Departament Adviser
  5. Oana Cristorean – PR manager
  6. Cristian Taloș – Marketing officer
  7. Georgia Moraru – Media specialist
  8. Andreea Mihalache – Legal Department Officer
  9. Marina Ferenț Social Programs Officer
  10. Darius Roby – Media Departament
  11. Patricia Blaga – Design Specialist
  12. Andrei Ardelean – IT& Web design
  13. Sergiu Bălăban – Media department
  14. Diana Cigoianu – HR specialist
  15. Sorina Suciu – Assistant Manager
  16. Oxana Dvornic – Designer